"Creating a solid bond between
horse and man"


A Full Service Equine Facility
Owners: Nancy & Richard Allen
Marthasville, Missouri
(636) 673-9321

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What We Believe


Customer Satisfaction.  We believe that our customers and their horses are the most important thing.

Safety.  We believe that Safety for you and your horse should never be compromised.

Relationship.  We believe that a horse is not just inventory, but a companion and trusted partner.  It is important to build a strong relationship between the horse and rider.

Fun.  We believe that you should be able to have fun and enjoy your horse both in and out of the show ring and to be able to share your pride and fellowship with your guests and your fellow boarders.

Pride.  We believe that you and your horse should be well represented on the show grounds and we take pride in our stables and strive to keep their appearance and comfort appealing.

Success.  We believe that you and your horse should be successful at your equine pursuit and are careful to insure that horse and rider are matched to the discipline and level at which they compete.

EquiLink Inc.
Also offers camps, Starting Young Horses,
Correcting Problems & Lessons

We Use Natural Horsemanship Techniques

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EquiLink Inc., A FULL SERVICE EQUINE FACILITY, " Creating a solid bond between horse & man".